Emma Bache


Emma provides a complete range of Graphology Services for the corporate, personal and entertainment sectors, a brief overview of each of these is given below.

All prices and further details on request, please contact me for further details.

Corporate Services

Recruitment, restructuring and team building exercises are all part of my consultancy service. Unlike some other methods of psychological profiling, I am able to respond to very specific selection requirements.

I will tailor-make written reports both full length and in depth as well as shorter analyses to suit all your business needs. I also offer a consultation service on site or at any chosen venue.

Personal Services

I can provide invaluable help and career guidance, personal and relationship issues, compatibility and all aspects of guidance for the individual.

Both written reports and consultations are offered and all treated with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Entertainment Services

I also work as an entertainer, using the same skills for a no less incisive but more lighthearted use at all events and parties ranging from large charity balls to intimate dinner parties. I am able to offer on the spot and swift analyses in a way that will both amaze and entertain your guests and colleagues alike!

I have worked for most major party organisers at venues such as Annabel's and Babylon and all the big London hotels. I am available for talks tailor made to suit all business and entertainment purposes. I will be more than happy to travel throughout the UK and abroad.