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Tony Blair's Handwriting sample

The Times

Davos doodles seem to show writing's on the wall for Tony

By Joanna Bale

AS WORLD leaders discussed international aid for Africa, Tony Blair scribbled notes and doodled. Unfortunately for him, after the World Economic Summit in Davos, Switzerland, his notes fell into the hands of Emma Bache, a graphologist.

Her verdict: the Prime Minister’s surprisingly chaotic script indicates an aggressive, unstable man who is feeling under enormous pressure.

Mrs Bache, who regularly carries out employee assessments for firms such as Barings, said: “I analysed his writing 18 months ago and there are marked differences. Then, his writing was much more fluid indicating that he felt more easy-come-easy-go. The ticks, such as the upward stroke on the ‘t’ in taxes, were not so angular.

“He is a lot more assertive and aggressive than in recent years because there are lots of very angular strokes. There is a lack of curves and a lot of irritability which he is struggling to keep under control.

“There is also a lot of retracing of the strokes, which I have never seen him do before. He is feeling very much under pressure so an obsessive-compulsive nature is coming out. The pressure he is putting on the pen is also quite heavy, which is an indication of stress and tension.” Mr Blair may have been feeling some antipathy towards those at the meeting, including the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and the rock star Bono, who are both considerably richer than him, she added.

This article first appeared in The Times Saturday, January 29th 2005.

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