About Me

I have been working as a graphologist or handwriting expert  since 1989, analysing handwriting for both the corporate  and private sectors, building up an enviable client list which  over the years has included the famous and infamous as  well as businesses ranging from city institutions, recruitment  agencies, hotels, charities and property companies. 

From a relatively small sample of handwriting I can reveal  insights into the personality and character of the individual  including reliability, energy levels, social skills, honesty and  even health issues as well as compatibility between couples  and business associates. 

Clients have included Hastings Insurance, Strutt and Parker,  Conde Nast, as well as financial institutions such as Credit  Agricole, N + 1 Singer, The Dorchester Collection and The  Corinthia Group. 

During the last decade my media profile has ensured that I  remain one of the UK’s leading handwriting experts. I have  made countless appearances for both the BBC and  Independent channels. Appearances have included BBC  Breakfast, This Morning and Sky News. I have also helped  resolve forgery cases such as the RBS scandal featured in  the Mail on Sunday in 2018. 

Radio appearances have included both BBC, Independent  and regional - Radio 4’s Midweek and Today programmes  as well as the World Service. 

I have had graphology columns in The Times and The  Financial Times analysing leaders such as Rupert Murdoch,  Sir Richard Branson, Baroness Karren Brady and many of our top industrialists, bankers and entrepreneurs. More  unusual cases have led me to analyse some controversial  characters such as Saddam Hussein and Donald Trump. I have written for all the major UK newspapers including The  Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Daily  Mail as well as leading journals and magazines including  Cosmopolitan, The Field and Country and Town House. My scrutiny of the human mind and behavioural patterns led  me to gain qualifications in psychotherapy and  hypnotherapy in 2007. 

I have also worked on forensic linguistic cases for insurance  companies, intelligence agencies, banks and individuals,  analysing language used in emails, texts and blogs and  indeed all forms of printed communication. 

As well as helping with recruitment and corporate  restructuring, I have helped to solve cases of fraud for both  private individuals and the corporate world and have given  an insight into the criminal mind. My work also leads me to  give talks and presentations to companies and groups as  well as corporate team building exercises and one to one  assessments within industry from the CEO to the newest  recruit. 

My first book, Reading Between The Lines was published by  Quercus in September 2018 and can be purchased from  Waterstones UK and Amazon.