Reading Between The Lines

My first book, Reading Between The Lines, was published by Quercus at the end of 2018.

I am very excited to have written a family friendly book which will help you look at your friends’ and family's handwriting in quite a different way!

As well as guiding you step by step through the graphological basics there are  plenty of examples and exercises to help you become an amateur handwriting sleuth.


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Five Stars *****
Their handwriting can reveal all kinds of things about a person's personality, including whether they are ambitious, creative and a good friend.
The author is the UK's leading handwriting expert and this is full of insights on how to read different scribes. Learn how the height and shape of letters can show various traits, such as how we cope with emotional situations and what job we are suited for.
Emma analysed my messy scrawl and told me I had a quick and intuitive mind and that I love to chat. She said I was a sensible colleague too. I'll take that"

- The Sun

"Quercus has bought graphologist and psychotherapist Emma Bache’s first book, Reading Between the Lines, an "enlightening and entertaining" guide to what our handwriting says about us.

The book will show readers how to judge their own or someone else’s handwriting as a whole and in detail, analysing aspects of penmanship such as the height of an ‘h’, the curliness of a ‘g’, the force of a penstroke, the space between two words that, according to Bache, all reveal a kernel of the writer’s personality as "signals we are giving out without meaning to"."

- The Bookseller

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"Are you creative with a strong imagination? Or easily distracted and oversensitive? Or perhaps you have a strong physical and sexual drive? Your handwriting will reveal all!

Using real-life examples, including celebrity samples, you will be challenged to put your new-found knowledge to the test. By the end of the book you will have amassed a wealth of knowledge that will help you understand human nature - including your own - in all its colours."

- Quercus
(Quercus article about me)

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Flows along well, easy to read, nice humorous touches, keeps one very interested. One can pick things up quickly as clearly explained & interesting to apply it to one's own writing. Finished it in 2 days!

- CH